Waterpex Plumbing

Koorda PTE Ltd provides high quality, innovative and cost effective plumbing solutions

Koorda PTE Ltd makes sure that the plumbing solutions are hygienic, nontoxic and smooth to install so clients can save on labour cost.

Koorda PTE Ltd have synergised with Couta Group – the exclusive agent for foshan, rifeng corporation – one of the worlds’ largest pex pipe manufacturers. The waterpex plumbing solutions are available in two styles: Pex/Al/Pex and Pex-b Multi-Purpose.

The Pex/Al/Pex is a five layered macro-composite construction and is the latest innovation for low pressure gas and water applications. This structure provides the pipe with the advantages of metal and plastic while avoiding their weaknesses. It is lower in cost when compared to conventional copper systems, lightweight, bendable and does not need to be welded installations.

The Pex-b piping is a lower cost general purpose piping system for water only. The inner layer of the pipe is constructed from pex-b material. Bonded to the pipe is an outer coloured layer that provides the product with increased UV resistance. This piping system is available in a range of colours to make installation quick and easy.

Koorda PTE Ltd is one of the best waterpex pipe supplier/distributor in Fiji market.


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