Furniture Components

Koorda PTE Ltd provides best of furniture components and accessories for various projects that are efficient and reliable in long term.

Our partner companies are working round-the-clock in order to find new ways through which they refine their production processes and ensure that the only highest-quality furniture components reach to our customers. All the materials are obtained and processed using environmentally friendly techniques and substances that have a minimal ecological impact.

We have collaborated with Samet, one of the biggest players of the industry in the global market with the target of outperforming and environmental consciousness. The company extends the value of the modern management system in all management subsystems with the aid of innovative and creative production processes that placed on the main axis of the “Total Quality Management” principle.

Lamello’s motto is “Pioneering wood joining”, which refers not only to our innovative profile groove joining systems, but also their employees. They have their various joining wood solutions available: P-system, Lamello system, drilling system and CNC technology.

Koorda PTE Ltd are best furniture components distributors in Fiji as they supply after analysing the product utilization options, functionality and underlining design aesthetics.


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