Decorative Laminates

At Koorda PTE Ltd we have a range of decorative laminates for corporates, institutions, architectures, interior designers and individual players in Fiji market.

Koorda PTE Ltd is constantly dedicated to provide world-class, premium quality laminates with innovative designs, textures, colours and finishing which gives our clients a great sense of satisfaction.

Rushil Décor Ltd high provides decorative laminates that are crafted from distinctively selected decorative papers and absorbent Kraft paper infused with melamine and phenolic resins. HPL holds superior dimensional stability as it is pressed and hardened under heat and high pressures. It aims to continuously redefine working and living spaces with expertise to provide customers with sustainable, high-quality products.

Alfa wood group is renowned world market leader in production of various kind of melamine, kitchen benches, and post forming doors, acrylic, MDF, margin films, frames, digital laminates, laminate flooring and many more. The group covers 100% of the thermal needs of both production and for heating systems with combustion of wood residues from the production process.

Koorda PTE Ltd has its own intensive inventory of various Laminates and designs to support the fast delivery for Fiji projects.


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